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Aniyah and Donald

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Our Love Story

Donald and Aniyah met early 2018 after Aniyah's annual girls trip. They spent a few days communicating on instagram and through text and Donalds thoughts were “ I have to take this girl out”. After Aniyah bailed on him about 3 times (she was nervous) they finally made it out. Donald showed how great of a listener he was in that short amount of time and took Aniyah to the movies (her favorite pastime activity) and to Cheddars (her favorite restaurant from college). They had a great night, Donald then dropped Aniyah back home and BOOM went in for his first kiss. Aniyah knew at that moment that Donald didn't come to play around. From that moment on they went on countless dates, vacations, and met both families. Donald and Aniyah spent countless hours on the phone, hanging out and going on hikes (which became their new thing). Any man that can get a Brooklyn girl to spend hours in the woods deserves a trophy lol. Donald and Aniyah grew profound love for one another and eventually started officially dating. At first their worlds collided serendipitously but not necessarily in a good way. But in the end, a change of pace is exactly what they both needed and they got to a place where they could be vulnerable and completely themselves with one another. They found that they balanced each other out in all the right ways. Days turned into months, months turned into years and In December of 2021 after Aniyah finished her second degree Donald knew he was ready to spend the rest of his life with her and started planning the proposal.

In April 2022 Aniyah's family planned a camping trip in the middle of the woods (go figure) and Donald came along as usual. On the third day of the trip April 22,2022 once everyone learned how to put up their tents, start a campfire, and brush their teeth in the woods it was time for a hike. While on the hike the family came across a beautiful waterfall and river and Donald (right after pulling his hamstring) very unsteadily got down on one knee and asked Aniyah to spend the rest of her life with him and it was the easiest yes she’s ever given.